Transparency Award 2008 - Key Elements

Key elements of the award:


  • The company must have a trading record of one full year.
  • Having an internet website for the company which contains all the relevant information on the company, including: corporate strategy, detailed financial statements, regularly updated news on corporate events, contact information for key individuals in the companies, amongst other information on the company
  • A designated individual within the company to handle Investor Relations, (this person could hold an existing position within the group, e.g. finance director)
  • Companies producing quarterly results
  • Detailed financial statements, with notes to the accounts
  • Pro-activeness with financial intermediaries, e.g. if the management of the company actively encourages being researched and helps with the provision of information useful to the publication of research on the company
  • Ease of access of senior management with financial intermediaries and key existing and potential shareholders
  • The level, timeliness and quality of information from the company

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