BMG is licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority, to offer financial services that include financial advisory, arranging and research based on Capital Market Authority license No. 07054-37 by CMA’s Board of Commissioners under Resolution No. 2-13-2007 dated on 15/2/1428H, corresponding to 5/3/2007G, and under Commercial Register No. 1010256000 with paid-up capital worth 5 Million Saudi Riyals.

BMG believes in creating unique relationships with its clients through collaboration and 'partnership'. This innovative way of doing business helps clients not only to realize their vision, but furthermore to create tangible value. BMG's success in this highly competitive market stems from its ability to mobilize the right people with the right experience who always think out of the box. BMG's ethos of inventing new and dynamic financial solutions is what has distinguished it from its competitors. Throughout service delivery, BMG honors its commitment to the very best in quality, strict confidentiality and positive results.

While serving medium and large business on mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, initial public offerings and other corporate advisory services, BMG has gained vast experience in a variety of sectors such as insurance, real estate, retail, telecommunication, oil & gas, aviation and consumer finance. Such expertise is augmented by the group's in-house research capabilities, a main component supporting service to BMG's clients.

BMG takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and views its commitment to educate the business community it serves beyond revenues and bottom lines. Forums, workshops and research reports distributed to educate investors are examples of the efforts exerted to play a role in developing the surrounding market and enhancing the sophistication of its participants. BMG further discharges its social responsibility through the BMG Foundation, a non-profit organization that strives to bridge East and West through the promotion of art and culture. It is also dedicated to serving the less fortunate globally and has supported several charities that assist the needy.

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